My name is Monica Bengtsson and dogs have always been my greatest passion here in life.
I’ve started to breeder 1984 with Bichon frisé. 1992 I came across Coton de Tuléar and it was love at first sight!

I now breed Coton de Tuléar, Chihuahua and Russkiy Toy in a stable and comforting
home enviroment, where each and everyone of the dogs are considered family members.
My main goal as a breeder is to breed dogs with a good and stable temperament.
During the years I’ve been having a good co-operation with Cartoonlands in France, who
prefers the type of Coton de Tuléar that to me is racetypical.

Chihuahua and Russkiy Toy are both new additions to Azmirs Kennel.
I hope You think this is just as exciting as I do and that You will check out the rest
of my site so You’ll get to meet my lovely family.

Have a pleasant stay and Thank You for visiting us!