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RUSSKIY TOY males Shorthair
RUSSKIY TOY females Longhair

Povelitel Vseya Rusi Ermolay alias Emil

Azmirs Black Beauty alias Baileys

A Star Is Born Du Clos D'emma alias Bobby

Misty Meadow's What a Scoop alias James  
RUSSKIY TOY females Shorthair
Azmirs Starlet Night alias Lovisa   Rafina Morceau alias Morsel
Azmirs Jouline Hrustanaya Mechta Uma Palata alias Umka     Titmouse's Diva
Azmirs Woman In Red         Titmouse's Isabelle
Binferrin Prekrasnaya Neznakomka alias Angel         Titmouse's GoldenStar
        Titmouse's Super Star alias Tyson